Chimes Fading

Preface: In the poem “Chimes-Fading” (Rhyme Scheme: Royal Spiral), the poet describes his inamorata; one whom he recalls as a sense of motivation drumming and jingling within the conceals of vascular assemblies, one whose thoughts moisten his epidermis with shivers.

Lack of creativity and a (probable) bout of depression held me by reigns and made me submit for a few days. The cacophony will be returning soon, stopping me dead on my tracks, as could have been observed if the biological timelines were to be regressed somehow. So, up till dwelling on the present pays fine, I write in a hope that the beauty of these verses will be relished.

Gentle air

They engage into a sulit affair

Melodies wise

Making love under fulfilled ayes

Soulful, her vocal charm.


Fragile each-arm

Them yellow as a fresh parm

Waist’s sway

Curling lustful twirls in-its way

Flowering, her bosomy figure.


Brightened shimmer

Those consistent to a flowing river

Inside’s allure

Plying beneath an aura pure

Delightful, her mundane awe.


Youth raw

That without a definite flaw

Eyes pale

Radiating from a beautiful princess-tale

She stays, but till a merry alarm.


I acknowledge your support for marking out my strengths and shortcomings step-by-step, for ticking up there on the ‘Hits Counter’ each day and pushing it way beyond visions within the first month of “Quixote’s Kid”.

“May God be with us in bliss and sorrow alike.”

Featured art: “She who” by Neha Das

©Soumyadeep Mukherjee; February 2017.

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