A Wrinkly Dawn Says “Shame Shame”

You are not meant to rule, you are a darned cabbage. Well enough, if you are suppressed, you are not supposed to stage oppression of any kind.

You are infamous for you are molested, are served bad-quality meal in your school, for you are just a nobody dying on the street, for you exhibit unnatural deformities above your figure; for you girl, have a tattoo painted too deep on your chest. You are the one who loses face if you are mentally immature while in your fifties. You are to sustain further with your shamefacedness, for your heartbeats gather pace when some other penis is amiable to yours.

You were born to fly regardless of the binding-concerns, regardless of your interests.

(Picture via Mindtripworld2)

“Your shoulders are unclothed, you have a bare naval and same goes for your thighs. What do you buy your clothes for? How many times did you have sex today? I now heavily doubt your company.”

Being different is your identity; you were born to lead.

(Picture via Mindtripworld2)

“Never tell anyone of your stepfather’s heinous acts. If you do, it’ll break the house apart. Where would you find shelter then?”

“So he sings well? Which reality show have you been on, my child?”

“It is in official papers that he is mentally unfit and hence might be making up his assault story. My Lord, he’s just seven and brimming with imaginations.”

“Oh I see you write, so what else?”

“He drinks- once in a week. Even if he keeps the loop dynamic each day, how does it matter? He drinks!”

“Look, that unmarried mother’s daughter. I wish to take them both before anyone else does.” (Laughs and winks)

You have the rights to live and to breathe: YOU WERE BORN TO STAND OUT.

(Picture via DailyMail)

Die die die… Die you all; burn in hell. Bury yourself in shame.”

Don’t go too near to him. That’s the one who attempted suicide; he’s an unholy being.

Just so much godforsaken love in this “unwanted” sphere.

You are brilliant the way you are; you have different parallels to pump, some world that floats below this one: you are the commander of one multiverse that backs equalitynot as a liability and also not as a hollow concept.

Shine-on and keep breathing, a new perspective needs you!

Stay blessed and endorse love for all.

Β©Soumyadeep Mukherjee, 2017.

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