Bikini Ripples

“Infinite… I felt infinite inside.”

Picture Source: magic4walls

That night our wet souls shuffled to gain supremacy. The rejig of progesterone, saliva and adrenaline swiped the paintbrush to ring in a sky of seven colors under the damned shades of blacks, blues and lights. The flying moment paused to collapse upon itself as her finely embroidered flesh came wriggling up my legs.

“Her luscious flow filled the littlest of my desires. I was gathered, and not composed at the same time; maiden’s ample chest allowed no space for mercy.”

Numbers fell short of sixes and nines while a third of the universe bounced up, down and upside down spurting juices beyond the milky way. Dance of vigor with feminity grinned back at the face of hostility as broken hairs and stilettos posed out asymmetrical stances.

“A tsunami gathered ground to end up staining the seaside sand red.”

The special climax showered impurity, a few canine marks and an image of her flickering lashes.

“Boy that sugar was silky.”

Featured Image by Tasha Koleso via Mindtripworldtwo

©Soumyadeep Mukherjee, 2017.

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